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Name: Grad Sisak topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Grad Sisak, Sisak-Moslavina County, Croatia (45.33580 16.24298 45.57591 16.78132)

Average elevation: 132 m

Minimum elevation: 88 m

Maximum elevation: 457 m

Sisak (pronounced [sǐːsak]; also known by other alternative names) is a city in central Croatia, spanning the confluence of the Kupa, Sava and Odra rivers, 57 km (35 mi) southeast of the Croatian capital Zagreb, and is usually considered to be where the Posavina (Sava basin) begins, with an elevation of 99 m. The city's total population in 2021 was 40,185 of which 27,886 live in the urban settlement (naselje).

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