Zengwen Dam topographic map

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Name: Zengwen Dam topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Zengwen Dam, Maobu, Xixing Village, Dapu Township, Chiayi County, 607, Taiwan (23.24600 120.53365 23.25084 120.53862)

Average elevation: 290 m

Minimum elevation: 99 m

Maximum elevation: 626 m

Construction finally began at the Lioutengtan site on October 31, 1967. Two tunnels were excavated through the rock underneath the south abutment of the future dam site. The outer diversion tunnel was 1,240-metre (4,070 ft) long and the inner diversion tunnel was 1,038-metre (3,406 ft). A rolled-earth embankment cofferdam was constructed to divert the Zengwen River and protect the dam site from flooding, up to an elevation of 165 metres (541 ft).

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