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Name: Nevis topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Nevis, Figtree, Saint John Figtree, Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis (17.09417 -62.63353 17.20774 -62.53963)

Average elevation: 92 m

Minimum elevation: 0 m

Maximum elevation: 953 m

Seven volcanic centers make up Nevis. These include Round Hill (3.43 Ma), Cades Bay (3.22 Ma), Hurricane Hill (2.7 Ma), Saddle Hill (1.8 Ma), Butlers Mountain (1.1 Ma), Red Cliff and Nevis Peak (0.98 Ma). These are mainly andesite and dacite lava domes, with associated block and ash flows, plus lahars. Nevis Peak has the highest elevation, at 984 m. Cades Bay and Farm Estate Soufriere are noted areas of hydrothermal activity.

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