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Name: Fez topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Fez, Pachalik du Fes باشوية فاس, Fez Prefecture, Fez-Meknes, Morocco (33.97643 -5.07818 34.07551 -4.93771)

Average elevation: 432 m

Minimum elevation: 212 m

Maximum elevation: 832 m

The last major change to Fez's topography before the 20th century was made during the reign of Moulay Hassan I (1873-1894), who finally connected Fes Jdid and Fes el-Bali by building a walled corridor between them. New gardens and summer palaces, used by the royals and the capital's high society, were built within the corridor, such as the Jnan Sbil Gardens and the Dar Batha palace. Moulay Hassan also expanded the old Royal Palace itself, extending its entrance up to the current location of the Old Mechouar while adding the New Mechouar, along with the Dar al-Makina, to the north. The expansion separated the Moulay Abdallah neighbourhood to the northwest from the rest of Fes Jdid.

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