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Name: Réunion topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Réunion, France (-21.38973 55.21643 -20.87174 55.83669)

Average elevation: 532 m

Minimum elevation: 0 m

Maximum elevation: 3,055 m

Already at the time of the India Route or Route des Indes, Réunion was a French possession located between Cape Town and the Indian trading posts, although far from the Mozambique Channel. Île de Bourbon (its name under the Ancien Régime) was not, however, the preferred position for trade and military. Governor Labourdonnais claimed that Île de France (Mauritius) was a land of opportunity, thanks to its topography and the presence of two natural harbours. He intended Île de Bourbon to be a depot or an emergency base for Île de France.

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France > Réunion

Saint-Denis, Réunion, France

Average elevation: 722 m

Bois Court

France > Réunion > Le Tampon > Bois Court

Bois Court, Le Tampon, Saint-Pierre, Réunion, 97418, France

Average elevation: 1,182 m


France > Réunion > Sainte-Rose

Sainte-Rose, Saint-Benoît, Réunion, 97439, France

Average elevation: 505 m

La Possession

France > Réunion > La Possession

La Possession, Saint-Paul, Réunion, 97419, France

Average elevation: 604 m


France > Réunion > Saint-Leu

Saint-Leu, Saint-Paul, Réunion, France

Average elevation: 360 m


France > Réunion > Saint-Benoît

Takamaka, Chemin Grand Fond, Saint-Benoît, Réunion, 97431, France

Average elevation: 851 m


France > Réunion > Saint-Philippe

Saint-Philippe, Saint-Pierre, Réunion, 97442, France

Average elevation: 663 m

Le Tampon

France > Réunion > Le Tampon

Le Tampon, Saint-Pierre, Réunion, France

Average elevation: 1,005 m

La Réunion

France > Réunion

La Réunion, Réunion, France

Average elevation: 532 m


France > Réunion > Saint-Paul > Saint-Paul

Saint-Paul, Réunion, France

Average elevation: 466 m


France > Réunion > Saint-Pierre

Saint-Pierre, Réunion, France

Average elevation: 327 m