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Name: Tamil Nadu topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Tamil Nadu, India (8.07689 76.23295 13.56252 80.35930)

Average elevation: 253 m

Minimum elevation: -4 m

Maximum elevation: 2,557 m

The region has a tropical climate and depends on monsoons for rainfall. Tamil Nadu is divided into seven agro-climatic zones: northeast, northwest, west, southern, high rainfall, high altitude hilly, and Kaveri delta. A tropical wet and dry climate prevails over most of the inland peninsular region except for a semi-arid rain shadow east of the Western Ghats. Winter and early summer are long dry periods with temperatures averaging above 18 °C (64 °F); summer is exceedingly hot with temperatures in low-lying areas exceeding 50 °C (122 °F); and the rainy season lasts from June to September, with annual rainfall averaging between 750 and 1,500 mm (30 and 59 in) across the region. Once the dry northeast monsoon begins in September, most precipitation in India falls in Tamil Nadu, leaving other states comparatively dry. A hot semi-arid climate predominates in the land east of the Western Ghats which includes inland south and south central parts of the state and gets between 400 and 750 millimetres (15.7 and 29.5 in) of rainfall annually, with hot summers and dry winters with temperatures around 20–24 °C (68–75 °F). The months between March and May are hot and dry, with mean monthly temperatures hovering around 32 °C (90 °F), with 320 millimetres (13 in) precipitation. Without artificial irrigation, this region is not suitable for agriculture.

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Loak, Damin Circle, Kurung Kumey District, Arunachal Pradesh, India

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192.3 Kashedi Ghat (7.2km)

India > Maharashtra > Poladpur > Poladpur

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Tripura, India

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Average elevation: 203 m



Odisha, India

Average elevation: 227 m


India > Uttar Pradesh

Meerut, Meerut District, Uttar Pradesh, 250003, India

Average elevation: 225 m



Chandigarh, India

Average elevation: 343 m