Auckland topographic map

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Name: Auckland topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Auckland, Waitematā, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand (-37.01210 174.60318 -36.69210 174.92318)

Average elevation: 32 m

Minimum elevation: -2 m

Maximum elevation: 394 m

The Auckland Volcanic Field has contributed greatly to the growth and prosperity of the Auckland Region since the area was settled by humans. Initially, the maunga (scoria cones) were occupied and established as pā (fortified settlements) by Māori due to the strategic advantage their elevation provided in controlling resources and key portages between the Waitematā and Manukau harbours. The rich volcanic soils found in these areas also proved ideal for the cultivation of crops, such as kumara. Following European arrival, many of the maunga were transformed into quarries to supply the growing city with aggregate and building materials, and as a result were severely damaged or entirely destroyed. A number of the smaller maar craters and tuff rings were also removed during earthworks. Most of the remaining volcanic centres are now preserved within recreational reserves administered by Auckland Council, the Department of Conservation, and the Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority.

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Auckland Domain

New Zealand > Auckland > Auckland

Auckland Domain, Parnell, Auckland, Waitematā, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 49 m

North Shore

New Zealand > Auckland > Kaipātiki

North Shore, Tōtara Vale, Kaipātiki, Auckland, 0629, New Zealand

Average elevation: 57 m

Kepa Bush Reserve

New Zealand > Auckland > Orakei

Kepa Bush Reserve, Meadowbank, Ōrākei, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 34 m

Mount Eden

New Zealand > Auckland > Albert-Eden

Mount Eden, Albert-Eden, Auckland, 1024, New Zealand

Average elevation: 81 m

Clarks Beach

New Zealand > Auckland > Franklin

Clarks Beach, Franklin, Auckland, 2122, New Zealand

Average elevation: 10 m

Waiheke Island

New Zealand > Auckland > Waiheke

Waiheke Island, Waiheke, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 16 m


New Zealand > Auckland > Franklin

Waiuku, Franklin, Auckland, 2123, New Zealand

Average elevation: 32 m

Glenbrook Beach

New Zealand > Auckland > Franklin

Glenbrook Beach, Franklin, Auckland, 2122, New Zealand

Average elevation: 8 m

Mount Atkinson

New Zealand > Auckland > Waitakere Ranges

Mount Atkinson, Waitākere Ranges, Auckland, 0604, New Zealand

Average elevation: 77 m


New Zealand > Auckland

Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 27 m

Waitakere Ranges

New Zealand > Auckland

Waitakere Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 33 m

Paremoremo Creek

New Zealand > Auckland > Rodney

Paremoremo Creek, Rodney, Auckland, 0793, New Zealand

Average elevation: 28 m

Manukau Harbour

New Zealand > Auckland

Manukau Harbour, Auckland, 2022, New Zealand

Average elevation: 43 m


New Zealand > Auckland > Franklin

Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland, 2120, New Zealand

Average elevation: 78 m

Lake Panorama

New Zealand > Auckland > Henderson-Massey

Lake Panorama, Western Heights, Henderson-Massey, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 52 m

Red Beach

New Zealand > Auckland > Hibiscus Coast

Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast, Hibiscus and Bays, Auckland, New Zealand

Average elevation: 12 m

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